Hey iHeart, where’s my Maroon 5?


So all of a sudden my iHeart radio has morphed into something I don’t recognize. I always play my Maroon 5 station, and used to be able to count on every fourth song played being one of theirs. I know that might make me sound anal, but when I listen to iHeart on my phone while I run that translates to Adam Levine rooting for me every time I pass a mile marker. Okay, so I don’t run lightning fast, lol.

Back to today. Ran just over 5 miles and heard precious few Maroon 5 songs! And they played songs from artists I wouldn’t normally think of requesting, thanks. Since I can barely get my water back onto my belt while I’m running I’m not coordinated enough to take out my phone and skip a song.

Okay, so maybe I was getting into a rut. Maybe I was a little tired of the other songs they’d linked into the station and played over and over for the past few months. Genie in a Bottle, Rumor Has It, etc. And I’ll admit that more than once this morning I grumbled, “Damn it, where the hell is my Maroon 5–ooh, I like this song.” All American Rejects, Keisha, Lady Gaga. Maybe iHeart has something there. Pushing me forcefully out of my rut. And then, bam! As I was cooling down on the porch (raining sweat everywhere) they play a Justin Bieber song. Slowly I drew my phone out and tapped the screen. Sorry, Justin. My rut is too old for you!

Do you have an iHeart “ah ha!” moment?


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