Really? No shade? Really??


Really. No shade. I ran just over 10 miles this morning and I’m pretty pleased with myself. I always chase shade throughout my run, crossing the street or hugging the curb to keep my cool. Hey, I run in Florida. And it’s August. Shade just makes good sense. 

Shade! All I'm saying...

Shade! All I’m saying…

I have to say that there’s one part of my route that seems like a geographical anomaly. NO SHADE! Houses and trees dot this new neighborhood yet, no matter what direction I turned to run there was no shade to be found. I kept hearing Coco Montrese, a star from RuPaul’s Drag Race, in my head. “All T, all shade.” I wish, Coco. Sadly, no T no shade.

I’m just asking for a little shade. Give me something. Fall comes in September 20. At least the weather will cool down  in three (or thirteen) weeks. But then, the leaves will fall off the trees. Yay.


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