Yard work in Florida? I miss New England!

Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound

I miss New England. Outside doing yard work this morning brought that fact screaming to the front of my brain. Yeah, I had over thirty winters there and hated scraping the ice off my windshield and kicking the brown gunk snow off the wheel wells for three months straight. But today, after trimming hedges, pulling weeds and edging the lawn I could do with some New England right about now.

Here’s the thing. Stuff grows so damn fast here in Florida! Weeds, bushes, frigging caterpillar grass–don’t get me started on the caterpillar grass that grows sideways!–I long for a short showy season of velvety cut grass, pretty flowers and manicured lawns. And cutting lilacs in the spring. And watching the leaves turn as the weather starts to cool. God, I’m getting maudlin. I have to remind myself of the snow. Ice and slush and snow.

Yes, I love Florida. I always have. Yes, the ocean is just a short drive away and where I’m from up north we don’t have actual ocean. The Long Island Sound always served us well, though. Look at that picture. Isn’t that gorgeous?

So I’m going to make time to go up north more often. To visit family and catch up. But more importantly to ignore the ever-growing stuff in my yard down here.



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