Crazy Cat on a Plane!

Peanut always watching

Peanut always watching

So do you have a crazy cat? Would you take her on a plane? Our 10-year-old cat Peanut definitely falls into the crazy category. And since I’m the one taking her on a plane, maybe I do too.

To preface this, we got her from a humane society that was horribly overcrowded with kittens. In fact, my daughters still talk about the “shed full of kittens” on the grounds. Yikes! Cages stacked to the ceiling were crammed with multiple felines. It’s no wonder Peanut has issues.



She was so tiny when we adopted her. Just fit in our clasped hands. We think she was meant to be much larger. She’s around seven pounds yet her whiskers stretch wide! She’s a very pretty cat, too. And affectionate, in her way. She likes to hang out near her humans. And her cuddles are extra special because she’s surly, lol.

Sure, she’ll pee in the sink every couple of months for no apparent reason. She’s ruined several pairs of my youngest daughters shoes. But we give her a lot of leeway because at least once a day we see the sweet abandoned kitten she once was. We’ve seen an improvement in her behavior now that I give her these chamomile/ginger calming chews every day, too. It helps her dial down the crazy, I think!

Back to “crazy cat on a plane.” Peanut’s going on a journey this week. I’m taking her to live with my parents up north for a while. Their house is so much more quiet than ours, pet and people-wise. And Peanut will be the only pet there. My dad is very excited to have her. He’s got some health issues right now, and he and Peanut will be great company for each other. My mom is super sweet for taking her, even for this short time.

As for me, I’ll be the one flying solo with her on the plane. Yay! Do you think they make those calming chews for humans?


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