Sweat like an Anime


During my run the other day it struck me that I sweat like an anime character. Big, glossy drops all over. When I swipe at them and flick them off they actually catch the sunlight! Weird, right?

Sweaty cat

Sweaty cat

Yep, I was drenched when I reached the end of my run. Over 10 1/4 miles again, yay! But I was a soaking wet mess. I sat on the front porch like I usually do afterwards, just raining all over the place. I’ll tell you what, though.

If I can pretend that I look as cute as that cat when I sweat? The delusion works for me! I just hope Google Earth never catches a shot of what I just know I really look like.

So tell me. Do you sweat like you mean business? Or are you one of those lucky people who glow and glisten and look like you stepped out of a running shoe ad?


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