Cat in Connecticut


Our cat Peanut is now a Connecticut resident! After our plane travel a few days ago–which she and I both survived, more on that another day–we arrived at my parents’ house.

Peanut in Connecticut

Peanut in Connecticut

My mom and dad both gave Peanut a warm reception, especially my dad. He keeps trying to get her to come up on his chair with him, but she’s still just doing “drive-by’s.” She brushes against his chair, his leg, his hand. I think she’ll get there, though. I hope so, anyway.

Have I mentioned Peanut is…quirky? Okay, she’s a little crazy. She’s sweet, and seems more even-tempered here too. Still weird, though. Chewing on the edges of plastic bags, what’s that about? Kneading things like crazy with her front paws and batting at the shower curtain. I have to keep assuring my mom that PEANUT HAS NO FRONT CLAWS. Seems my sister’s cats did a number on the couch, curtains, etc. when they lived here.

So score one in the “win” column for Peanut. At least for now. Quirky cat in Connecticut. More soon on her.

What about your family? Dealing with a high-maintenance pet? Please, share!


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