One Girl’s Trash…


One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure. Yep! I scored some great trash just the other day!

My treasure!

My treasure!

I’m up in Connecticut visiting the family, and I went to this upper-crusty consignment shop to check out the goodies. Now, I never go to consignment shops in Florida. I just don’t, and I never really considered it. And as for my old clothes? I donate them to Goodwill. Karma and all that. Besides, who would willingly want my things? Out of date, out of style, perhaps shortened to fit my little self.

But hey, I scored a couple of really cute “me” shirts and a pair of Gap jeans that still had the tags stapled on them. Were they stolen? I hope not. Were they just bought like I sometimes do, in hopes they’ll fit one day? Don’t care! I scored pants priced at $49.50 for $18. Score!

Ah, I can’t wait for the weather to finally turn so I can wear some of my new treasures. Now, I’m new to the whole consignment shopping thing, so tell me. What have you scored at the shops? What’s your favorite “trash to treasure” moment?



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