The Magic of Pumpkin Potpourri


Okay, pumpkin potpourri isn’t really magic. Or is it?

Pumpkin Potpourri

Pumpkin Potpourri

I’m up in New England visiting family and eager to make this long-distance thing work. My husband is currently up here for work while I am in Central Florida. He goes where his company needs him, usually for a year or more at a time, before they kindly request he go put out fires at another location. No worries maritally, though. We’re only separated geographically!

So I’m spending a couple of weeks hopping back and forth between visiting my parents and sister and staying in my husband’s new and incredibly bland apartment. This place has absolutely no warmth whatsoever. Last night we went to one of my favorite holiday-themed stores which shall remain nameless. Found the usual goodies and a few surprises. A bag of only chocolate (all chocolate!) tootsie pops. Cheap bottle of olive oil. Pans so I can cook and feel somewhat at home here. Then I saw it. A big honkin’ bag of pumpkin-scented potpourri.

I bought a cutesy little basket to put it in but it was the spicy, cinnamony scent of the slightly ugly combination of seed pods, bark and little green fuzzy things (what are those, anyway?) that made me feel like this could be a little bit like home away from home. We bought a table and chairs too and, yes, the basket full of autumn sits in the center. I can smell it from my laptop now, and it really makes a difference.

Scent is very powerful. Do you have a favorite scent that evokes warm, comfy feelings in you? Share, please!


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