Bloom Where You’re Planted


Bloom where you’re planted. Make lemonade. Look on the bright side. So I’m taking advice from my mom’s garden now.

Surprise flowers

Surprise flowers

Yep, that’s actually always been a big part of my psyche. I admit I have a dream catcher hanging from my rear view mirror (and isn’t that more than a little symbolic, lol?) and have a collection of crystals next to my laptop. I try to center myself and harness my chi. Any way to reduce stress and increase productivity. But back to the flowers.

My mom has two huge bushes of these purple asters blooming like crazy on the sunny side of my parents’ house. Just gorgeous. Here’s the thing. She didn’t plant them. She also had no idea what they were until I looked them up online. Weird, right? But you can’t deny they are absolutely beautiful. Maybe some birds scattered seeds back in the spring. Maybe the big fat New England squirrels did the deed. No matter the reason, there they are and there they’ll stay. And flourish, apparently.

I’m going to take my cue from the asters, then. Bouncing back and forth between Florida and New England could make me crazy if I think about it too much. I’m going to do my level best to bloom wherever I happen to be planted at the time.

Hey, it worked for the asters.


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