Tag-along Moon


I had a tag-along on my way back from Connecticut Monday night.

Tag-along Moon

Tag-along Moon

The sun set at sometime during the first half of my flight. As the sky got dark I saw something out on the wing. Not William Shatner, “There’s some THING on the wing!” but a reflection of a big fat full moon. I glanced up into the sky and saw it hanging there. Following the plane. A tag-along. Or, to borrow a phrase from Arrested Development, a “hop-on.”

It’s weird, but I liked seeing it following us. It was right out my window the whole way home, which was kind of nice. Like it was watching me. In a good way. I’ve flown tons of times, a lot of times at night, but I’ve never noticed the moon out my window before.

So, have you had a “hop-on” when you’ve flown at night?


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