I Drive Slow During Love Bug Season


I drive slow during love bug season. Yes, how romantic they are. Flying around coupled together until they procreate or die trying. Never mind that they get on your clothes, into your house and nothing else on earth eats them.

Love Bugs

Love Bugs

It’s taken me a few seasons–not as many years, since the nasty things have TWO seasons a year!–but I’ve figured out how to minimize the carnage smeared on the front half of my car.

On my many drives throughout Central Florida during the spring and fall, I’ve discovered the optimum ramming speed for love bugs. Generally, they spatter and gum up your windshield etc. if you drive faster than about 47 to 52 miles an hour. Depending on wind conditions, of course. Now, these are not hard and fast rules, but I set my cruise control at 50 on the dot and that definitely minimizes the amount of debugging I’ll have to do later. The bugs usually swoop up and over my windshield without making impact. For the most part.

So I have to allow a few extra minutes to get where I’m going. For me, it’s a small price to pay. Do you know the dryer sheet trick? Well, it’s a lifesaver but if you have dozens instead of hundreds of the things on your car the clean-up process takes much less time.

Now, I’ve managed to adapt. How about the love bugs meet me half way? Adapt to fly ten feet higher than you normally do! You’ll avoid catastrophe, finish what you, ahem, started, and deflect the endless ire of residents and visitors alike.

How about it?


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