Run in the Dark


Yesterday I started my run in the dark! Our dog Bailey is still adjusting to the indignity of sleeping in his crate, so he’s getting antsy and barky early. A little less early every morning, but he got me up well before six yesterday morning. You know it’s dark then? I shudder to think about when we turn the clocks back. I wanted to wait until sunrise…

Come on, sun!

Come on, sun!

I tried to stall. I stretched more than usual. I took time to update my iHeartradio app. But I was eager to get out there and run already. I knew there are all sorts of critters out there. This place is surrounded by conservation areas. Then, there are the vampires.

Kidding! So I strapped on my little flashing light thingie, which I’d never used before, and stepped out into the darkness.

I don’t know why I was afraid. I know this place very well. I planned to run out toward the far lake as usual, and worried about the fact that there aren’t any streetlamps out past the town center. Then, as I rounded the bend past the community garden, there it was. Sunrise! Whew.

The run was good. Pretty good pace, too. There are big benefits to running this early. No need to chase shade out to the lake and back. No lovebugs warming up to the day and trying to fly into my mouth. But, I still think I’ll wait until sunrise next time. I have too active an imagination.

Just in case there are vampires out there.


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