Mileage May Vary


My mileage may vary. I’ve become obsessed with mileage. Not gas mileage, although my VW Beetle has less than stellar results there. Mileage of my running shoes.

High mileage running shoes

High mileage running shoes

I’d never heard of shoe mileage until I started running. Seriously running, at least seriously for me. I used to power walk, strength train, etc. but I’ve only been running for just under a year now. I had my daughter and son-in-law as advisers and cheerleaders when I started, and they helped me find the right running shoes. Now I’m in a dilemma. My shoes now have high mileage.

My favorite shoes are near the 500-mile mark. Almost all on pavement. Hot, Florida pavement. They seem to be wearing pretty evenly and are still very comfortable and supportive. Oh, I see a hint of white running sock through the top of the netting on the right one now and then. But hey, there are no holes yet! There’s a big run this weekend and I sure don’t want to change horses mid-stream.

My bigger problem, though? My shoes’ manufacturer doesn’t make this model any more! So I’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Bug my daughter and son-in-law about brands and styles. Neutral, stabilizing, etc. *sigh*

So I guess I have to bite the bullet and “test-drive” a couple of new shoes. Any suggestions?




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