Ready to Run!


I’m ready to run. I swear I am. I’m participating in Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-mile run tomorrow night. We went to the expo today to see the latest in running stuff and to pick up our shirts and bibs for the race.

Run Expo

Run Expo

There were a lot of people there but if anyone knows how to manage crowds, it’s Disney. Had no problem getting what we needed and had a really nice time, too. I’m nervous about running the race. Now, I’ve run over 10 miles before. A few times, actually. Never at night, though. With a ton and a half of strangers to boot! This race starts at 10 PM. Yeah, I’m nervous.

My daughter and son-in-law are also running, but they’ll be a few corrals ahead of me. *sigh* I’m no shrinking violet, though. I can make small talk until we start and then I’ll just try to get in the zone as soon as possible.

The really cool thing? Free rides and a party with Disney Villains after. So I’ll pace myself and keep it together until we all connect afterwards. Then, it’s a party baby!


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