Cheer me on!


I realize now that I need happy, enthusiastic people to cheer me on when I run. I ran my first big race last weekend, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler. I ran it. The whole distance, didn’t walk one step. I’m darn proud of that!

My first race bling!

My first race bling!

It was late at night. Very late for me, at least. It was a a little complicated to get there before the race, car then shuttle bus. We had to get there hours before race time. But let me tell you, Disney knows how to throw a party!

There was a guy dressed as a Tower Hotel bellman leading us in dances and keeping everybody’s energy up. There were smiling, friendly volunteers handing out freebies. There were folks dressed to run and folks dressed to run in costume. It was the Tower of Terror, after all. And it is almost Halloween. I saw a lot of costumes but the ones that stick with me? A pair of Fantasia brooms, several pairs of Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums, and Syndrome from The Incredibles. My daughter and her friend dressed as little winged devils and couldn’t have looked cuter. Me? Just running clothes, thanks!

Hey, I had a pink polka dot headband on right up until race time. The track was long but very interesting. They closed down a highway and we ran up the exit ramp the wrong way! We ran through woods and through a baseball stadium. And I finished with what I think is a respectable showing for a first-timer. 2 hours, 7 minutes. I’ll take it!

I ran yesterday morning and hit a hard truth, though. It’s a bit tougher to run when there aren’t happy, clapping people every mile or so, cheering you on and giving you the boost you need to finish. And finish with a smile!

Yep, I was smiling in that last mile. Right up until I crossed that finish line. I have the picture to prove it. Hmm, maybe I’ll post it here soon.

So cheer me on! And if you know a runner or are a runner yourself, spread the insanity, I mean, the enthusiasm. It will make you feel good.


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