Who’s Better Than Bailey?


Who’s better than Bailey? Apparently nobody.

My little 10-pound dog really has it made. As you might recall if you read my previous posts, I’ve given up all intentions of putting Bailey in his crate at night. He sleeps on the couch like a king. But is the couch cushy enough for him? Nope!

King Bailey

King Bailey

There he sits. Settled right on top of one of my feather pillows from Ikea. Nice, right? I came down in the morning, took care of him and then straightened the couch pillows. Hey, I’ve admitted I’m anal before. Then, when I come back downstairs, he’s all but hovering above the couch in a little divot he made in the pillow. To me he looks like a head in a sack. What do you think?

So life is good for Bailey. I’m rethinking my decision to not dress him up for Halloween now. I think if he can recline in splendor on my feather pillows he can endure the indignity of wearing a costume for my enjoyment. Maybe I’ll have costume pics soon!


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