Aye, Pirates!


I spent the weekend in St. Augustine, Florida and I have to say aye to pirates! I attended a writers’ conference that was full of information and inspiration, but much more than that. There were also pirates!

Ah, Cap'n Jack Sparrow

Ah, Cap’n Jack Sparrow

Aye, that’s me standing beside (cardboard) Johnny Depp as everyone’s favorite pirate scoundrel. That was the start of things in St. Augustine. You can’t tell from reading this post, but I’m saying “St. Augustine” in my best pirate drawl. I learned to love the sound while on a tour through the Pirate & Treasure Museum during the conference. Our guide was a charming rogue of a guy, too. I had a blast and can’t wait to go back.

Now there was more to this conference than pirate booty, to be sure. (Again, insert pirate drawl here.) There was the beautiful ocean visible just a few steps away from the hotel.

Gorgeous St. Augustine Beach

Gorgeous St. Augustine Beach

It was a bit too nipple-y to do more than gaze at the water but it was beautiful nonetheless. I’m drawn to the ocean, like many people are. I was raised beside the sea–well, the Long Island Sound anyway–and feel a pull toward salt water. I am now renewed and refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next on this writer’s journey of mine.

Now, I promised myself I wouldn’t blog much about writing when I started this blog and I’m not going to today. But, aside from learning at this conference I was also inspired by several of the authors in attendance, not the least of whom was bestselling author Sharon Sala. She was a gracious guide to places I hadn’t thought to go. I’m eager for the journey.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll take a page from the pirates I learned about on that tour. Without the violence and early death, of course, lol.

Aye, it was a fine trip and one I hope to repeat soon!



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