Happy Anniversary, Bailey!


Happy Anniversary to our sweet little dog Bailey!

caterpillar bailey 1

Happy Halloween, Bailey!

It was one year ago today that I got a wild hair about getting a new dog. We’d lost our beloved Tuffy over a year earlier and I’d vowed I’d never get another dog. Then I happened to read Spencer Quinn’s book, Dog On it. It’s a detective story in Chet the dog’s point of view, and really made me long for another furry friend. Yes, we have cats. But there is just something about a dog. You know where you stand with a dog. They look at you when you come home like they actually missed you! I wanted that again.

So I went to the Animal Services of Osceola County website and browsed the dogs available for adoption. There was a scruffy little guy about five years old, named on the site as “Bengi.” There were other dogs on the site too, so I got up my courage and told the family we were going to see the dogs. Bengi was smaller than he’d looked online, and a little chubby. We asked to see him and my son-in-law put him through the paces. Played with him. Cuddled him. Watched how he reacted to our then 17-month-old grandson. The dog passed with flying colors! The clincher for me? I looked into his face and saw it. His heart. I found myself saying, “I love you!” out loud. That did it.

caterpillar bailey

Caterpillar Bailey

We did the paperwork and picked him up the next day. Halloween! Oh, he was named “Munchkin” for a couple of hours. He even has an engraved tag from the pet store with that name, lol. But my favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I couldn’t resist naming him Bailey after George Bailey. The name stuck and he stuck and we all love him now.

So, happy anniversary Bailey. You’ve added to the love in our family and we wouldn’t be the same without you!


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