Where the Heck is Fall?


Okay, where the heck is Fall? I had a taste of it when I was up north a couple of weeks ago. I even felt a touch of it down here in Florida just a few days ago. A slight chill in the morning air. The crackle of sycamore leaves beneath my sneakers. But today? Today it’s going to be 90 degrees!

Fall! Sweet Fall!

Fall! Sweet Fall!

Last night, while serving wave after wave of trick-or-treaters on my front porch, I felt the returning heat and humidity pressing against me. Yes, I was in the autumn mood. Wearing my Dorothy costume (including killer ruby red slippers!) and holding a gigantic bowl of candy in my lap. But I was sweating. Yay.

So today, the first day of friggin’ November, it’s going to 90 degrees. Grr. Maybe Fall will come by Christmas.


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