New Running Shoes, New Challenges!


I finally bought a new pair of running shoes, and find myself eager for some new challenges! I lamented in a recent post that my running shoes passed the 500 mile mark. And I also whined a little that Nike didn’t make the updated model of my shoe in a Trail version. I was lucky enough to snag last year’s Trail version on my shoe! Yes, I had an “OMG” moment when I realized I had been running in shoes from the year before. Gasp!

New Running Shoes!

New Running Shoes!

I wore them for a whole day, just walking around and living my life. Then, this past Saturday, I ran in them at the Gingerbread Run 5K! It was held at Give Kids The World Village, and was a charity event. BTW, the event raised over $100K to date! Over 2000 runners and walkers participated and it was a great time.

Gingerbread Run

Gingerbread Run

Click on the link to learn more about this incredible, inspiring place. I guarantee your heart will swell.

So now that I have my new running shoes, I’m eager for new challenges. Yes, I did the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Mile last month and it was incredible. Yes, I’m doing the inaugural Minnie 10K in January at Walt Disney World. I want to do more of these smaller races, though. I want to gather teams and raise money for the causes. And I want to earn medals, lol.

New shoes, new challenges. But seriously, isn’t it all about the shoes? 😉


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