Alien Gingerbread Men!


I might be seeing things but these holiday peeps look like alien gingerbread men. I mean, how funny do they look? I admit I missed it when I first picked these up at the store but as I unpacked the bags at home they just struck me as odd. And very funny.

Alien Gingerbread Man!

Alien Gingerbread Man!

Okay, I know the machine at the peep factory just slipped a little when it was stamping on the faces. Still, they look like those big-headed aliens from old science fiction movies. And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it.

Still, they’re delicious little treats that put me smack dab in the holiday mood. And those high foreheads really made me smile. And odd little post starring an odd little gingerbread man. Here’s to the fast-approaching holiday season!


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