Run for Fun? Whaaa?


This morning I thought I’d run for fun, whaaa? It was a glorious fall day, a teeny tiny nip in the air (this is Florida, after all) and I got a later than usual start. I decided to mix things up and run by the lake. We are blessed where I live to have two beautiful lakes within the community. The largest one is bracketed by docks and elevated walks which blend into the copse of trees hugging the lake shore. But there is also a wide sidewalk that meanders along the populated side of the lake. That was my chosen path today.

Lake View

Lake View

Isn’t that gorgeous? That’s right here. All the time, although I forget sometimes. If that looks a little familiar, that is the very same lake I featured on the cover of my first Contemporary Romance, Finding Harmony. How could I not?

So I changed things up and ran for fun this morning. The really funny thing, though? I set a new personal record for a 5K! Actually, I ran a bit farther that 5K. When I told my daughter I ran 3.14 miles she said I ran a “Pi K.” Love her!

I’ll run for distance next time. I’ll run for pace the time after that. But today? I ran for fun!


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