Sweaty Realization


I made a sweaty realization this morning after my run. It was a piddly run. Just under 3 miles. True, I got a later start than usual. But I attribute my lackluster performance to my sore shoulder. I couldn’t figure out why my shoulder pain flared back up, and I refuse to admit it’s due to old age, lol. Then, as I sat there raining on the front porch after my run, I thought about my activities over the past week or so.

Blankedy-blank landscaping!

Blankedy-blank landscaping!

Last weekend we did a lot of heavy yard work. I trimmed the many, many bushes we have, then raked and shoveled the old mulch and replaced it with bag after bag of very nice, very heavy rubber mulch. But could that be the sole source of this pain in the–shoulder? And then it hit me. What else I’ve been up to.

Since last Wednesday I’ve written over 13,000 words! Yes, I’m very proud of the output but keeping my arms slightly elevated as I type, type, type can’t be good for my shoulder. Grr.

As I dabbed the sweat from my face I felt good, though. I’m not suffering from “old shoulder” then. Oh, and I’m almost finished with another book. So it’s ice packs and rest today, yay. And enduring twinges like a toothache in my right shoulder.

Still, I wish I’d at least run 5K!



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