Against the Wind


I ran against the wind today. And no, not to the Bob Seger song. I ran into the wind for pretty much the whole darn thing. It was a beautiful morning, cool with a teeny nip in the air. They said it was going to heat back up again soon so I donned my long sleeve running shirt (new and very soft, by the way) and headed out. Into a stinkin’ maelstrom.



Okay, so I exaggerate. But the winds were around 20 miles per hour with gusts up to 30 and 35! So I’ll moan about the wind, thanks. As I ran past the community center, I noticed guys were power-washing the roof. Water was being blown 80 feet over the street! So I crossed the street and immediately my hat blew off my head. Grr. I picked it up and managed to get my ponytail shoved through the hole in the back and kept going. Just as a small backhoe was driving alongside me. Dirt and sand blew off the thing into my face. Yay.

I just kept up, leaning into the wind since I knew I’d eventually turn around and run back. And I did! I had the wind at my back for approximately the length of one song. (Thanks, Coldplay. You made my day!) Then the winds shifted again and tried to blow me off the road. By the time I was set to run back up toward my house I made a snap decision and continued around the development the opposite way. Much better, and by then clouds joined the mix and I could take the darn hat off. Sheesh.

Soooo, I think I’ll be better prepared for my next windy run. I don’t know how, exactly. Bobby pins, maybe?


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