Run Like a Turkey!


Today we laced up our running shoes so we could run like a turkey! Our community had a 5K today to collect toys for Give Kids the World Village. Great cause and great time!

Gobble gobble!

Gobble gobble!

This was a much less formal race than the one we did a couple of weeks ago, but it was a blast. It started at the school just around the corner from our house, so there was very little stress getting up and going. My grandson came in the running stroller and, even through it was drizzling when we first set out, it ended up being a nice cloudy day for a run. We walked to the school, signed in and handed over our toys. There a was a pretty good turn out, too. They had an incentive for kids who brought their families to the run, and I think that really helped. Thanks to the parents who got up and out on a Saturday morning to have some fun and get their kids some extra credit!

I ended up nearly matching my overall personal record but I did have a PR for one of the miles! That’s due to my daughter’s encouragement/prodding. I guess that counts for her extra credit?

There’s another 5K in the community in a few weeks and we plan to run that one, too. I love doing these smaller, less formal races! New challenges, like I said I wanted in a previous post. Charity and exercise, a cool combination. And if I looked a little like that turkey as I crossed the finish line, so what?

Gobble gobble!


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