Freezer Update, Day 3


I think I fixed my freezer! It was a mystery for a while there. Why was there a puddle on the floor in front of the refrigerator every now and then? Was ice falling out of the in-the-door thingie? That’s happened before. I also had a dog that used the water dispenser like he was a hamster. Swear to God.

Tuffy. He was no hamster.

Tuffy. He was no hamster.

Finally I thought to open the freezer side of the side-by-side and I saw there was a sheet of ice on the floor of the compartment. WTF?

After reading extensively online to try to figure out the problem, it seemed that the defrost drain on the freezer side of my fridge was clogged. How? Who knows. It wasn’t draining at all, so water would pool, spill over and freeze inside. Like a glacier. And if I didn’t chip and remove it twice a day? Water on the floor. Grr.

Several sites I found online said to remove the back of the fridge. Guess what? I couldn’t access the drain pan from back there. I did bend back the cardboard panel–seriously, cardboard? So glad the fridge cost over 2K nine years ago–and saw just where I had to get to. Oh, I also vacuumed out enough cat hair to knit another cat so it wasn’t a total loss.

Luckily I finally found one thread that actually showed which panel to remove and how to fix it! From the front. Of course I had to remove everything inside the freezer. Racks and drawers and stuff. And to remove the panel I had to fold myself and cram inside to work the screws out. Have you seen the episode of I Love Lucy when she puts herself in the trunk? Yep, that was me.

Hot water, turkey baster, plastic spatula to chip and remove all the ice, screwdriver to jam and poke at the clogged and frozen drain. Guess what?

It seems to be working! I check it obsessively, par for me, and so far so good. The best news?

I only cut myself once.


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