Hand Turkeys!


I received a couple of adorable hand turkeys the other day. I’ve started substitute teaching with more regularity this week, and for my first assignment I taught second grade in a local elementary school. I don’t normally pick an assignment in the low grades, just because they can be exhausting! But just look what two little kids gave me:

Hand turkeys!

Hand turkeys!

Now, when I used to substitute, a long time ago when my kids were little, I subbed at the elementary schools almost exclusively. In fact, quite often I’d be called to teach the same class for a week at a time. I loved it then, but I had more energy then, lol. I remembered after Thursday’s assignment just why I enjoyed second grade so much.

Second graders are used to school, for the most part. They know about following rules and listening. Again, for the most part. But what makes that grade my favorite elementary grade? They still want to please! They’re sweet and eager and, even when you get a kid who wants to tell you something is allowed when it definitely isn’t (and there’s at least one in every class) the other kids are ready to rat them out! “Mrs. — always lets us do…” one of the envelope pushers might say. “No, she doesn’t!” will come a resounding chorus from almost all the other kids in the class. Love that!

Now, my assignment yesterday was at the high school. That’s been my choice for the past year or so. Orignially I never thought I’d like it but let me tell you something about high schoolers. They know what they’re doing. You don’t have to walk them to the cafeteria. You don’t have to watch them get on the bus. They come and go and do what they have to do. It’s the easiest gig, in my opinion.

But, look at those turkeys. I think I’ll grab a second grade assignment more often!


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