Dancing With Bees


On today’s run I felt like I was dancing with bees. And yet I went out this morning anyway. What was I thinking?

I picked up cold from either my husband or my grandson over Thanksgiving, and woke up with the requisite sore throat on Black Friday. Hurt like a bee-atch. You know, the pain you can almost hear when you swallow? Then the next day, as it usually does, the cold moved up into my head. Sneezing, runny nose, a go-go,

So many tissues...

So many tissues…

I’m at the bee stage today. Oh, perhaps you haven’t heard of the bee stage. That’s when you can breathe through your nose but your head is still stuffed tight and you feel like there is a hive of bees behind your face. Bee stage. Not fun.

So on my run this morning I went through my water bottle in less than two miles. I’m a mouth breather on a run anyway, but today I took that to the next level! *sigh* Didn’t make it to 5K this morning. Not running the whole way, anyway.

I know the bee stage will pass soon as well. Too bad you can’t outrun a cold!


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