Jingle All The Way!


I ran at night again, wearing bells so I would jingle all the way! Our little “town” had its winter festival over the weekend, but I didn’t get a chance to explore the booths. As it was, the snow machine broke so there was no snow. Oh, did I mention we live in Central Florida? The promise of snow is a really big thing. So the snow was a no-show. But the main attraction for me wasn’t the snow or the ice or the slides. No. It was the 5K run to benefit the high school cross country team. And guess what? I took first place in my age and gender!

Harmony Christma5K!

Harmony Christma5K!

Now, this is my first anything in any race ever. My pace isn’t blistering by any means. It’s right around 10 minutes per mile. I’m psyched about that, though. Considering when I started running a year ago it was closer to 14! But back to the night run.

We started from the town center and headed out toward the far lake. Just like I do for my longer runs. It’s really weird to run it at night, though. The race started at 6 and it was dark. Really dark. We have those darn dark-sky compliant streetlights that really don’t cast much light on the road, either. But, with so many people running with so many bells tied to them getting lost wasn’t a problem!

I had bells on my head, wearing a silly elf hat. Bells on my shoes, courtesy of the organizers. It was a lot of fun. We hung around later for the awards, but I was certain I wasn’t going to get a darn thing. I was stunned. First place among women 50 and over! Yes, I’m 50. But I was a whole two minutes faster than the chick who came in behind me so ha!

I’m really proud of my daughter, though. She took first in her age, first overall for women over 18 and third over-over-all! She’s my coach, by the way. And she’s tough, all 100 pounds of her.

So I run now. I run in races. I win races. Jingle all the way, baby!


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