Ready for Christmas?


I feel like I’m just not ready for Christmas. I’m getting a late start, and I blame Thanksgiving for being so late. Or funds being a little light this year. Or the government health care website, lol. Seriously? I think it’s all perception. Hey, at least I got the cards done this morning!

Bailey Claus

Bailey Claus

Our little dog Bailey is featured on the cards this year. I figured I post plenty of pictures of my kids and grandson on Facebook and who could resist that mug on Bailey? I’m hoping they cut the card and make an ornament for their tree!

As for the decorating, I got that done right after (the late) Thanksgiving. No stockings on the fireplace. My grandson is 2 1/2 and that’s just asking for trouble. No glass ornaments on the tree. See above for reason. Now for shopping.

I have a handle on what I want to get the people on our list. Most of them, anyway. I’ve even bought a few things. Our youngest daughter wanted a new phone so we went to the AT&T store the other day. Done! All that’s left is a gift card to her favorite store. I don’t know what to get our other daughter. She’s tougher to buy for. The son-in-law? Easy-peasy. For the grandson, it’ll be harder to resist loading up the sleigh for the little guy. As for the rest of the peeps? We’ll see.

So I’m not ready for Christmas. It’s less than two weeks away and I’m starting to freak out a little bit.

How about you? What have you done already? Are you one of those people who does their shopping in August? Are you a Christmas Eve shopper?

I guess it truly is the thought that counts, because I feel like that’s all I have right now!


4 thoughts on “Ready for Christmas?

  1. What? Christmas is coming?! CRAP!!! How am I supposed to judge just when to start buying stuff for peoples when hey put Christmas stuff out in the summer? /sigh So I guess that means you aren’t as late as you thought. 🙂

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