Rain My First Half-Marathon!


Yes, that says “Rain,” not “Ran.” I decided a few days before my run that I was going to try for a long run. A very long run for me. The farthest I’d run before was just over 10 miles. I finished the Walt Disney World Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler in October and that, sadly, was the last time I’d run that far. I know, I know. Wimp, right?

So much rain!

So much rain!

I woke up early on Sunday with renewed enthusiasm. It was a little chilly out. Cloudy, too. Yes, they predicted scattered showers for later but I was ready. I tucked my phone into a ziploc and wore my new long-sleeved running shirt. For the first time I filled one of my two flasks with a half-and-half of powerade and water. I was ready!

As I ran I kept reminding myself not to go for pace. I was in this for the long haul. It was drizzling, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. And then, right around the 1-mile mark, the skies opened.

Oh my God, it poured! Hard, fat rain. Sideways rain. Blowing, icy-cold rain. Yay.

The rain kept up for over three miles. I had never been so wet. Then, it let up. But I was left soaking, dripping wet. And cold. Damn. As I ran the rest of my run, I was determined at this point to finish, I’d wring my shirt out. I learned my new shirt was pretty awesome, by the way. It felt almost dry where I squeezed it! The pants, though. They felt so heavy. I squeezed them as I ran as well. And the fabulous shirt wicked up the moisture from the pants so I could squeeze that out too. So I had this!

Then my right foot went numb. From the cold or from the run, I’m not sure. but my poor toes were not happy.

Long story short (is it too late, lol?) I finished. And with an 11:50 pace! I’d run a half. 13.1 miles! Woohoo!!

I only limped on and off on Monday so I count this as a win. Now, I have to get one of those pretty pink “13.1” magnets for my car. Yeah, baby!

Oh, and though I was afraid to take off my sock the toes were fine!


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