A Visit from the Holiday Armadillo


Bailey received a visit from the holiday armadillo the other morning.

It's the Holiday Armadillo!

It’s the Holiday Armadillo!


I was taking him on his usual early-morning walk when we heard a rustling from just across the street. Now, we have huge sycamore trees up and down the street, and the dried leaves are ridiculously big and make quite a ruckus when the wind pushes them around on the ground. I didn’t think anything of it. Plus, with our dark-sky compliant streetlights there isn’t a lot of illumination to light our way. So I just encouraged Bailey to let up on the peeing on every leaf and blade of grass and get down to business.

He finally did his prance around in anticipation of big business (not so big, he’s a little dog) when I saw something coming towards us from across the street. As it passed under the meager light spot I saw it was an armadillo! Bailey glanced over his shoulder and started. If a dog could raise his eyebrows, I swear he did. The armadillo came closer but Bailey was committed to his task. He watched the critter warily as it came within two feet of him! Bailey looked at me then, with a WTF? expression. I laughed. I had to. He looked like he had no idea what the heck that animal was!

So he finished up, then tiptoed toward the hedge where the armadillo was now burrowing. No barks, just a few huffs came from him. I picked up his stuff and tugged on the lead. Bailey gave one more pull toward the hedges, then seemed to shrug and follow me.

I chuckled the whole way home.


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