Woohoo, Walt Disney World tomorrow!


Woohoo, I’m doing a run in the Walt Disney World marathon tomorrow! Now, I’m not Dopey, like my daughter. She’s doing all four races this weekend, starting with the 5K she ran this morning up to and including the full marathon on Sunday. That’s a total of 48.6 miles. It’s actually called the Dopey Challenge and I think she’s crazy. She’ll do it, though. That’s way too ambitious for me!

Inaugural Minnie 10K!

Inaugural Minnie 10K!

Tomorrow morning at 5:30 the Inaugural Minnie 10K kicks off. That’s 6.2 miles and plenty for me, thanks! Yes, I’ve run 10 miles before. And I’ve run a half marathon of 13.1 a couple of times now. Still, running with thousands upon thousands of other people? I’m hoping to finish the thing with a half-way decent pace!

Running has become important to me, and I never would have thought that would be so. My daughter got me into it and I’m very grateful. I admit, it’s the only vigorous exercise I enjoy while I’m doing as well as “having done it.” Strange…

So tomorrow I’m up before the birds and heading over to Walt Disney World. Yes, I have a crazy tutu to wear and plan to let my Disney flag fly. I’ll post pictures soon!


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