Wild Hair for the Left Lane


I’ve noticed in my many years of driving that some drivers have a wild hair for the left lane. I also call it “Left Lane Boner.” These cars must, absolutely, without exception drive in the left lane. Even if they’re driving slowly, they pull into that lane and “die there” as my dad puts it. Locals and vacationers alike, drivers in Florida seem to do this more than anywhere I’ve lived. Even in Connecticut, where they’ll cut you off in a heartbeat.

No probs with the right lane for me!

No probs with the right lane for me!

I, however, have no problem with the right lane. I hit just about five mph over the speed limit, set my cruise control, and settled in. Other drivers, though? They must be in the left lane. I get smacked with this whenever there is a slower car in front of me that I have to pass. You know the type. Really slow, like they’re distracted by texting. Or maybe they’re unsure of where they’re going and they figure if they go really slow they’ll get lost later? Or maybe they’re just a HUNDRED, snowbirds down for the winter! Either way, I find I have to pass them using the left lane as intended.

So I get over to the left and begin to pass, only to be immediately ridden up the butt by some ginormous truck, an SUV or some luxury sedan. They’re obviously in a hurry, very important, must be in front of me in that sacred left lane. *sigh* I put up with it, my hands clenching and unclenching on the steering wheel as I fight my own frustration, until I pass the slowpoke and then slide easily and gently into the right lane again.

Sheesh. So if you insist on driving in the left lane, have a party. I’ll be over here on the right with my pulse beating nice and steady. And no, I don’t think that’s me flipping you off after you ride so close I can almost taste what you had for breakfast. Or maybe it is….


2 thoughts on “Wild Hair for the Left Lane

  1. It amazes me that people feel the NEED to drive below the speed limit in the left lane or if there is someone in front of them, that they MUST be so close I can no longer see their hood. Here is a tip, if your close enough that I can see what color your nails are painted and can’t see the hood to your car… BACK OFF, cuz if I tap my breaks, its your fault if you hit me.

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