Quick Like a Bunny


I’m heading back south and quick like a bunny! And not too soon, if the weathermen are right. More snow and cold blasting into New England tomorrow.

Making tracks

Making tracks

That picture was taken when we visited my aunt’s house. Those are my footprints as I first headed inside. When we emerged some time later I spotted those bunny tracks. Which means we just missed him! Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse next time.

Ah, but it’s going to be 80 degrees at home! Running without layers upon layers. No salt and sand to clog the treads of my running shoes. Yay!

I won’t lament the missed bunny sighting when I’m running at home. Lots of wildlife pop out on a good, long run. Here’s the thing. In Florida they leave virtually no tracks. There’s no telling where they’ve just been, which is kind of creepy if you think too much about it.

So guess what? Not gonna think about it. Gonna run in the warm air and bright sunshine. Gonna count my blessings, as I always try to do, and make my own tracks. I’ll be back up in New England soon, of course. Hopefully when there is no snow to give the critters away.

I have no problem with that.


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