New Couch!


At last I’m getting a new couch. Couch and loveseat, actually. Meanwhile, I feel like I’m living with a college couch. Here’s the story. I’m waiting for my new couches, which had to be ordered. No biggie. I was told they would take a week or so. And instead of using our old couches while we wait, we’re using a daybed from the guest room.

New Couch!

New Couch!

This daybed is a pretty little white iron thing, but it looks ridiculous in my family room. It’s a step away from a futon. I told my husband all we need now is a bookcase made out of cinder blocks and planking. He suggested milk crates, lol.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know the kids moved out the other day. They’d been living with us for over two years, with their two cats and my adorable grandson. No tears, though. They moved about 8 miles away which is terrific. Now, here’s why I have no couches.

We gave the couches to them. They needed couches. These were only a little worn and their cats had used one side as scratching posts a few time. There was no way we were going to get leather while those clawed kitties still lived in the house. Our fat, lazy clawed kitty Spike should leave the new couches alone. He’s never scratched the others. But just so he knows, I’ll be watching.

Oh, and the couches are coming tomorrow!


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