Bailey Brushes!


I put on my makeup with Bailey brushes this morning. No, not with the dog. But it felt darn close.

Bailey Brushes!

Bailey Brushes!

Here’s what happened. My sister got me hooked on Bare Minerals makeup about a year ago. The products are great but the brushes can be a little expensive. Very luxurious, though. To keep them in shape you have to clean them properly every once in a while. So yesterday I washed them with baby shampoo as recommended.

They came out clean and soft, no surprise. Most of them are made of natural bristles, so they cleaned up just fine. There was an unexpected drawback, though. I wash Bailey with the same baby shampoo.

So this morning, while putting on my makeup with squeaky clean brushes my nose picked up on the scent of freshly washed dog. *sigh*

Well, he’s just as soft so I guess it’s okay. I’m still not going to use his face on mine!


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