One Door Closes


One door closes. Does another open? I’m not getting philosophical at all! The door in question is the one on the pantry.

Door fix!

Door fix!

Our house is just about ten years old, and I think it’s settled a bit. That, and let’s face it, the pantry door is probably the most opened and shut door in the house. So, after all that activity it’s no wonder that the doorknob quit latching onto the doorjamb. Grr.

Now, this wouldn’t be a big problem, since the door wasn’t swinging open or squeaking or anything. Nope. But not being able the click the door shut is a big pain in the butt when my grandson is here! Yep. He’s always popping into the pantry just like any guy. Looking for something to eat that catches his fancy. I had to fix it. Today.

I went online and did a little research. Then I used my new rechargeable screwdriver/drill from Ikea and removed the strike plate. The doorknob latched just great onto the jamb without the plate, but I couldn’t leave it like that! So I took a good look at the plate and saw it was bent.

Got out a rubber mallet and pounded the thing flat again. Then I reattached it but the darn knob still wouldn’t catch. I saw that the top of the plate fell into the poorly cut hole the builders put in the jamb, but I wasn’t going to fill it in, etc. Instead I cut a small piece of emery board and fit it behind the plate. I then screwed it into place and voila! It worked!

So another door closes, lol. And stays closed when it needs to. Yay, me!


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