5 o’clock shadow


Bailey is now nicknamed 5 o’clock shadow. He doesn’t have dark fur or a slinky disposition. Here’s the thing. He has this habit of standing close behind you, just at 5 o’clock. I was calling him “blind spot,” since that’s the very spot he puts himself. Oh, and he’s gotten stepped on more than once!

Blind Spot

Blind Spot

You have to be careful around him, though. He happily scampers behind you but it’s when you’re at a task like washing dishes at the sink or standing in the kitchen on the phone that you have to watch out! He’s tripped all of us on occasion and after you yell his name he stares up at you with those big brown eyes, you feel like a doofus for hurting his feelings even as you’re grateful you didn’t crush his little body, lol.

So I have to check the blind spot. Because now that the clocks changed? He stands at 6 o’clock!


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