My wildlife adventures continue…


It seems that my wildlife adventures continue here in Florida. If you read my previous post, you know of my close encounter with the two snakes (please God, let it only be two snakes!) who live in my front yard. And tonight? It’s lizards.

Smug Lizard

Smug Lizard

I was in the garage, getting the trash ready for tomorrow morning’s collection, when I saw a big lizard a couple of feet in from the closed garage door. He was stock still, so I toed him gently. He sprang to life and ran toward the corner beside the garage door. So I opened the big, double-width door and told him to go outside. Nope. Nothing.

I really like lizards. Lizard was one of my grandson’s first words. Sizzard, actually, which is too cute for words. Lizards eat lots of bugs. They can grow back their tails. They can change color. Yeah, you always know if you spot a plant lizard, a mulch lizard, or one who hangs on on your beige patio furniture. But back to our friend in the garage.

He hid inside a few things we have standing in the corner. Why we have part of a shelf and a hydraulic jack near the demoted-to-now-only-for-the-car vacuum is probably another story. Anyway, he slithered and skittered all around and under these things before eschewing the ginormous opening to the outside world and dashing under my car. Grr.

I picked up a long reachy thing for painting and carefully placed it under my car. I urged him toward the wide-open door and he ran out from the car and, for some reason I can’t comprehend, hopped into my back wheel. I gave up! I told him, “This is why you people never evolved!”

So I’m going to fret about him stuck in there all night and worry about him when I drive out of there in the morning. But then again, they are pretty resilient. I hope he’ll be just fine. He was pretty big, which means he’s lived for several seasons.

Hmm. Probably in my garage.


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