Release the Kraken!


I wanted to cry, “Release the Kraken!” this morning.

The Kraken!

The Kraken!

Spanish moss

I had intentions of pulling weeds in the front and back yard, but I knew I had to trim the bushes a little bit too. I didn’t want to lug out the hedge trimmers and extension cord. It was already hot out this morning! So I found the pruning shears my husband had unearthed during his garage-clean a couple of weeks ago and went out front.

I trimmed the very pointy holly hedges that bracket the front porch then looked at the live oak tree on the corner of the property. It was lush and lovely and draping low now over the sidewalk and street. *sigh* So off I went.

Being a little bit shorter than average (ha!) I had to reach up and pull down the branches I wanted to clip. I went along, getting a nice little pile going as I made certain no one would lose an eye cutting the grass or walking on the sidewalk, and then thought I’d attack the Kraken. Spanish moss, for those of you unaware of the resemblance to the mythical beast. I trimmed and snipped and then reached up to release a branch killed some time before by the moss and barely hanging on. Aargh! Moss and dirt and bark rained down on me!

I brushed off and finished the job, cursing under my breath since kids were walking by on their way to school, and finished the weeding. So that’s done. And the next time the tree needs trimming? My husband can do it.

Release the Kraken!


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