Lawn Mower Angst


I willingly endured lawn mower angst this morning. Ah, Florida in May! Steamy hot like summer yet spring love bugs buzzing around your face.

Lawn demands

Lawn demands

I really don’t mind cutting the grass. Too much, lol. There’s just something about the constant demands of the job! Even as I’m doing it I’m thinking that it will have to be cut again next week. Oh, and the trimming and edging has to be done, too. Grr.

I always worry that there won’t be enough gas in the lawn mower before I start. And then I worry that the gas can won’t have any gas in it and I don’t want to put that can in my pretty little beetle! Yuck! But the biggest worry? The biggest pain in the *ss? Starting the darn thing.

Now, we have a very reliable mower that we’ve had for over 10 years. But you see, I’m short. There’s something to the speed and pull of the cord that I can’t seem to master. I’m sure it has something to do with the angle and I can’t achieve it on the first, second or even third pull! I hop when I pull, lol. I hop and shove the mower away as I pull and eventually I can get the thing to grumble to life. Then off I go!

So tomorrow I’ll trim and edge. It’s going to rain this afternoon, so I’ll take the reprieve. My shoulder hurts from pulling on the cord over a dozen times and my hands are still tingling from holding so tight to the bar thingie that keeps the mower from running me over if I trip and fall. And you know what?

I get to do it again next week. Unless I can talk my son-in-law into doing it, lol.