Peanut’s back in town, baby!


Peanut is back in town, baby! Our crazy cat is now back in Florida and, seemingly, doing well.

Peanut at home

Peanut at home

As backstory, when our house was overcrowded with too many people and too many pets, Peanut’s quirks ratcheted up to high-strung territory. Hissing. Hiding. Rage-peeing.¬†As a remedy, we moved her up to Connecticut to live with my mom and dad. Almost immediately, I saw a difference in her.

Over time my parents grew to love her and she loved being the solo pet in the place. Even so, I’d promised my mother it would be a temporary arrangement and she made me keep my word, lol. Since the “too many people and pets” thing resolved itself when my daughter’s family finally found a house for them and their pets in February, I had no excuse come August. And although Peanut was so content there, we made arrangements for her to fly back home with me after my next visit.

So it was with much trepidation that we booked her passage and bought her a nice, new carrier. Then we took off. She travels well, actually. Which is never more surprising to me than to everybody else. We got home and after a few hissy fits, she growl-ate, growl-drank her water and growl-peed in the litter box. That was a week ago and, after only one peeing-in-the-sink incident, things seem to have settled down.

Yes, fat cat Spike bugs her and chases her. Even my sweet little dog Bailey starts up but leaves her alone for the most part. So Peanut is back home, where it’s nearly as quiet as it was at my parents’ house.

So far, so good!