Peanut’s back in town, baby!


Peanut is back in town, baby! Our crazy cat is now back in Florida and, seemingly, doing well.

Peanut at home

Peanut at home

As backstory, when our house was overcrowded with too many people and too many pets, Peanut’s quirks ratcheted up to high-strung territory. Hissing. Hiding. Rage-peeing. As a remedy, we moved her up to Connecticut to live with my mom and dad. Almost immediately, I saw a difference in her.

Over time my parents grew to love her and she loved being the solo pet in the place. Even so, I’d promised my mother it would be a temporary arrangement and she made me keep my word, lol. Since the “too many people and pets” thing resolved itself when my daughter’s family finally found a house for them and their pets in February, I had no excuse come August. And although Peanut was so content there, we made arrangements for her to fly back home with me after my next visit.

So it was with much trepidation that we booked her passage and bought her a nice, new carrier. Then we took off. She travels well, actually. Which is never more surprising to me than to everybody else. We got home and after a few hissy fits, she growl-ate, growl-drank her water and growl-peed in the litter box. That was a week ago and, after only one peeing-in-the-sink incident, things seem to have settled down.

Yes, fat cat Spike bugs her and chases her. Even my sweet little dog Bailey starts up but leaves her alone for the most part. So Peanut is back home, where it’s nearly as quiet as it was at my parents’ house.

So far, so good!


The dwarfs need a new foreman


Yeah, I think the dwarfs need a new foreman.

New Foreman Needed.

New Foreman Needed.

There’s a small house I pass every time I drive to my daughter’s house. It’s under construction and set on a big plot of land, in a thick copse of trees between two even bigger plots of land. The houses on the adjoining lots are large, sprawling even. The house in question? It’s a teeny little thing that looks like Snow White’s cottage.

Seriously, this house has the steeply peaked roofs and the cozy gables. Deeply shadowed eaves and the requisite fireplace. Here’s the thing. The fireplace chimney is framed to be curvy as it reaches for the sky. Charming? Yes, it’s very adorable. And looks very much like the dwarfs’ cottage. I live in Central Florida, the land of Walt Disney World. There are houses dotting the whole landscape here and there that look like they could have sprung right out of the first reel of a Disney cartoon. In fact, Give Kids The World Village is filled with these charming buildings to help sick kids and their families forget their troubles for a little while. I’d love to see this particular little cottage in our neck of the woods finished.

This house seems to be at the same state of construction since I first took note of it in February. Oh, I see trucks parked outside sometimes. And the door was open once. Just the other day, ladders leaned against the front and back of the house. And yet, nothing seems to be happening.

I remarked to my daughter, “That’s what happens when you make Sleepy the foreman.” She replied with, “Yeah, everyone knows the foreman needs to be Doc!”

The place is very cute, though. I admit I wouldn’t mind staying there, as long as forest creatures do the housework!


Mints on the Pillow


Don’t judge me, but I want my mints on the pillow.

Turn down service?

Turn down service?

I don’t like to get into bed unless the sheets and comforter are turned down now. The sheets smoothed and crisp and cool. I came to this realization slowly over the last few days.

This turning-down-the-bed stuff started a couple of years ago, actually. Here’s the reason. My husband. In a nutshell, the man just doesn’t know how to get into bed. He tosses the plump pillows in their shams to the floor He swirls and tangles the sheets. Kicks off the comforter to use the wrinkled sheet by itself. Pulls the sheets from my side of the bed, too. And all this is way before he falls asleep!

I like the sheets folded over the comforter. Even and precise, as weird as that sounds. I’ve been known to tug and pull at his side before I even get in. Folding the comforter and sheet over him like I’m making the bed with him still in it! This drives him crazy, of course. Does that stop me? Nope! As long as I get my side of the bed in some semblance of the order I prefer, I’m happy.

So I’ve started turning down the bed in the early evening myself. This way I know I have a better shot of him getting into the bed without causing a ruckus. Even if he’s working out of town, I do the turn-down thing for myself. Hey, I like the touch of civility when I finally turn in.

There are never any mints on the pillow, but maybe I shouldn’t have sweets right before bed, lol.

My New Counters are done!


I refinished my own counters and they are done! Yep. Me. I read a ton of reviews and tips online and pored over the instructions and did them. Yay!

I used Giani Granite Paint in Chocolate Brown and it was very easy to follow the directions. The primer coat took me the longest, I think. Since I apparently left a bit of silicone caulk smeared on one part of the counter at some point long ago and the primer wouldn’t adhere. Grr!

20140327_075702 20140327_075711

I did a lot of research and one of the best tips I found was to use the sponge brush to apply the color paints to the sea sponges instead of dipping them into the paints. I was able to keep the application nice and uniform that way.

Get your rhythm when you’re doing the colors part. You do three-foot square sections at a time, so what I did was start in the far left corner and apply the sponging in diagonal lines from left to right. Making a larger and larger “triangle,” if you get me, until the midpoint and then smaller and smaller until I filled in the square and went on to the next section. 

granite paint section

I had fun and learned the best way to get the color to “run” over the edges of the counter so they look like it’s really a cross-section of granite.

20140327_140623 20140327_220809

If you look at the picture on the left, that’s before the poly coat, you can see how nice the colors look. They even have texture! Don’t know how. Then the poly in the picture on the right shows how nice and glossy. Love!

20140327_220826 20140402_124318

I think I was the most nervous about the final poly coat. I must have watched that segment of the DVD over a dozen times! But loading up the roller good and heavy and not going over and over a spot was the rule I followed. Then, using the “lean slightly to one side” on the back rolls to avoid the lap lines really worked. “Back rolls!” Sorry. #rupaulsdragrace reference.

20140402_124341 20140402_124354

So I have a brand new kitchen! It looks even better in person, and with the poly coat it even “feels” like granite. Again, don’t know how. Don’t the edges look great?

I found the product on but several places sell it. I needed to buy two kits, since I have over 60 feet of countertop. I used some of the primer and all of the poly coat from the second kit. I’m thinking of getting another can of the poly since there is a spot where it’s not as glossy as I’d like. But hey, I’m anal! Maybe I’ll redo the area right behind the faucet, too. Add a little more of the black primer….

If you decide to give this a shot, good luck. It’s a lot of fun and I love the results!


My wildlife adventures continue…


It seems that my wildlife adventures continue here in Florida. If you read my previous post, you know of my close encounter with the two snakes (please God, let it only be two snakes!) who live in my front yard. And tonight? It’s lizards.

Smug Lizard

Smug Lizard

I was in the garage, getting the trash ready for tomorrow morning’s collection, when I saw a big lizard a couple of feet in from the closed garage door. He was stock still, so I toed him gently. He sprang to life and ran toward the corner beside the garage door. So I opened the big, double-width door and told him to go outside. Nope. Nothing.

I really like lizards. Lizard was one of my grandson’s first words. Sizzard, actually, which is too cute for words. Lizards eat lots of bugs. They can grow back their tails. They can change color. Yeah, you always know if you spot a plant lizard, a mulch lizard, or one who hangs on on your beige patio furniture. But back to our friend in the garage.

He hid inside a few things we have standing in the corner. Why we have part of a shelf and a hydraulic jack near the demoted-to-now-only-for-the-car vacuum is probably another story. Anyway, he slithered and skittered all around and under these things before eschewing the ginormous opening to the outside world and dashing under my car. Grr.

I picked up a long reachy thing for painting and carefully placed it under my car. I urged him toward the wide-open door and he ran out from the car and, for some reason I can’t comprehend, hopped into my back wheel. I gave up! I told him, “This is why you people never evolved!”

So I’m going to fret about him stuck in there all night and worry about him when I drive out of there in the morning. But then again, they are pretty resilient. I hope he’ll be just fine. He was pretty big, which means he’s lived for several seasons.

Hmm. Probably in my garage.

New Couch!


At last I’m getting a new couch. Couch and loveseat, actually. Meanwhile, I feel like I’m living with a college couch. Here’s the story. I’m waiting for my new couches, which had to be ordered. No biggie. I was told they would take a week or so. And instead of using our old couches while we wait, we’re using a daybed from the guest room.

New Couch!

New Couch!

This daybed is a pretty little white iron thing, but it looks ridiculous in my family room. It’s a step away from a futon. I told my husband all we need now is a bookcase made out of cinder blocks and planking. He suggested milk crates, lol.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know the kids moved out the other day. They’d been living with us for over two years, with their two cats and my adorable grandson. No tears, though. They moved about 8 miles away which is terrific. Now, here’s why I have no couches.

We gave the couches to them. They needed couches. These were only a little worn and their cats had used one side as scratching posts a few time. There was no way we were going to get leather while those clawed kitties still lived in the house. Our fat, lazy clawed kitty Spike should leave the new couches alone. He’s never scratched the others. But just so he knows, I’ll be watching.

Oh, and the couches are coming tomorrow!

Quick Like a Bunny


I’m heading back south and quick like a bunny! And not too soon, if the weathermen are right. More snow and cold blasting into New England tomorrow.

Making tracks

Making tracks

That picture was taken when we visited my aunt’s house. Those are my footprints as I first headed inside. When we emerged some time later I spotted those bunny tracks. Which means we just missed him! Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse next time.

Ah, but it’s going to be 80 degrees at home! Running without layers upon layers. No salt and sand to clog the treads of my running shoes. Yay!

I won’t lament the missed bunny sighting when I’m running at home. Lots of wildlife pop out on a good, long run. Here’s the thing. In Florida they leave virtually no tracks. There’s no telling where they’ve just been, which is kind of creepy if you think too much about it.

So guess what? Not gonna think about it. Gonna run in the warm air and bright sunshine. Gonna count my blessings, as I always try to do, and make my own tracks. I’ll be back up in New England soon, of course. Hopefully when there is no snow to give the critters away.

I have no problem with that.