The dwarfs need a new foreman


Yeah, I think the dwarfs need a new foreman.

New Foreman Needed.

New Foreman Needed.

There’s a small house I pass every time I drive to my daughter’s house. It’s under construction and set on a big plot of land, in a thick copse of trees between two even bigger plots of land. The houses on the adjoining lots are large, sprawling even. The house in question? It’s a teeny little thing that looks like Snow White’s cottage.

Seriously, this house has the steeply peaked roofs and the cozy gables. Deeply shadowed eaves and the requisite fireplace. Here’s the thing. The fireplace chimney is framed to be curvy as it reaches for the sky. Charming? Yes, it’s very adorable. And looks very much like the dwarfs’ cottage. I live in Central Florida, the land of Walt Disney World. There are houses dotting the whole landscape here and there that look like they could have sprung right out of the first reel of a Disney cartoon. In fact, Give Kids The World Village is filled with these charming buildings to help sick kids and their families forget their troubles for a little while. I’d love to see this particular little cottage in our neck of the woods finished.

This house seems to be at the same state of construction since I first took note of it in February. Oh, I see trucks parked outside sometimes. And the door was open once. Just the other day, ladders leaned against the front and back of the house. And yet, nothing seems to be happening.

I remarked to my daughter, “That’s what happens when you make Sleepy the foreman.” She replied with, “Yeah, everyone knows the foreman needs to be Doc!”

The place is very cute, though. I admit I wouldn’t mind staying there, as long as forest creatures do the housework!