Mints on the Pillow


Don’t judge me, but I want my mints on the pillow.

Turn down service?

Turn down service?

I don’t like to get into bed unless the sheets and comforter are turned down now. The sheets smoothed and crisp and cool. I came to this realization slowly over the last few days.

This turning-down-the-bed stuff started a couple of years ago, actually. Here’s the reason. My husband. In a nutshell, the man just doesn’t know how to get into bed. He tosses the plump pillows in their shams to the floor He swirls and tangles the sheets. Kicks off the comforter to use the wrinkled sheet by itself. Pulls the sheets from my side of the bed, too. And all this is way before he falls asleep!

I like the sheets folded over the comforter. Even and precise, as weird as that sounds. I’ve been known to tug and pull at his side before I even get in. Folding the comforter and sheet over him like I’m making the bed with him still in it! This drives him crazy, of course. Does that stop me? Nope! As long as I get my side of the bed in some semblance of the order I prefer, I’m happy.

So I’ve started turning down the bed in the early evening myself. This way I know I have a better shot of him getting into the bed without causing a ruckus. Even if he’s working out of town, I do the turn-down thing for myself. Hey, I like the touch of civility when I finally turn in.

There are never any mints on the pillow, but maybe I shouldn’t have sweets right before bed, lol.